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Clients across the globe have tapped GBS to level-up their talent acquisition strategies. If you are a team of one, a marketing department supporting employment, or a leader looking for an award-winning partner, we can help.

New Western

Recruiting licensed agents for the nation’s leading real estate investment company requires tight value alignment, creativity, and data-driven decision making.
New Western careers website wins Silver Davey Award.

Our Innovative, Award-Winning Work Gets You Noticed

We craft campaigns that turn heads and increase conversion. Our team develops magnetic strategies, award-winning career sites and creates buzzworthy content. We work with you to seize every opportunity to make a memorable mark and amp up awareness.

CVS Health

Supporting CVS Health Workforce Initiatives in supporting diversity and inclusion in the workforce. 
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Content-as-a-Service

Employee Content Drives Engagement

We know candidates see themselves most closely through examples from your employees. That's why we craft stories from the perspective of your team whenever possible. We can help you build an engine to keep things updated, relevant, and compelling.


DTN’s advanced analytics, machine learning and insights-based solutions require keen expertise. Highlighting the industry-leading employees within DTN and how they collaborate  to innovate is crucial to  DTN’s talent acquisition strategies.

An Aligned EVP Improves Results

Aligning your EVP with the expectations of your current and future workforce helps attract the right talent, enhances your employer brand, increases engagement, improves retention, and aligns expectations with the reality of working at your company. 

American Heart Association

When the American Heart Association undertook their first employer brand makeover in 80 years, they looked to GBS. We got to the heart of why jobs matter, reaching 600k+ potential hires in 3 months—no ads, just highly efficient strategies and tools.

Employer Brand / Facebook / Instagram / Employee Referrals

Recruitment Marketing Fortifies Applicant Pools

Recruitment marketing is a crucial part of elevating your employer brand and making your organization stand out to top talent. By strategically showcasing company culture and opportunities, you attract qualified candidates, creating a talent pool for current and future needs. Effective recruitment marketing not only fills roles but also shapes a positive perception, influencing both candidate decisions and overall organizational success.

Ability Beyond

Creating an aligned EVP and recruitment marketing strategy to attract individuals who see potential and  care deeply for others is core to Ability Beyond's mission to serve more than 3,000 people with disabilities across Connecticut and New York. 

Research/ EVP / Recruitment Marketing / Social Media

Social Media Is More than Memes

Social media tactics focusing on recruitment alone cannot succeed without a strong online brand presence. As brands try to attract attention on social media with quirky memes and jokes, brand strength has become increasingly important to profitability and competitiveness. 

With a strategic social media approach, HR and recruitment teams can both benefit and contribute to strengthening brand value. 


The best way to build the brand isn't by having a presence everywhere. It's about saying things that matter and sharing what's unique about your company.

For Lilly, their meaning of work impacts literally millions of lives. Sharing their stories drove their employer brand engagement by over 140% since the launch of the campaign. More importantly, it's driven hundreds of employee shares and won new EB fans!

EVP / Social Media / Email / Glassdoor

Candidate Experience Has Business Impact Beyond Recruiting

Candidate experience shapes your employer brand, attracts top talent, and fuels employee engagement. Positive encounters amplify your reputation, creating a pipeline of potential hires. Efficiency follows, making the process faster and more competitive. Let us help create experiences that preserve dignity, inspire loyalty, and improve your bottom line results. 

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